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“Citris closes out the night – this time as a two-piece . Since seeing solo Citris performances a few times at the Knitting Factory & missing a show a long time ago at Gold Sounds, one can’t help but be impressed with the strength of Angelina Torreano’s vocals when climbing up and down power riffs and hooky choruses. And the fact she can do both at once.

It was great to see the pairing with drums. The rhythm is tight and the sound is clean and clear. There are danceable grooves and alt rock moments. With the incisive, caustic-but-sensitive lyrics and modern rock sounds, Citris has created a truly original, contemporary Brooklyn rock sound.

“At times, the alt rock vibes and sultry vocals remind me of Boston’s (defunct) Harris Hawk, while some songs from the first LP, “Panic in the Hampton Bays“, hit the spoken word fever pitch of Garbage. But it’s in the tender, world-weary defiance of “Driving Me Crazy” where you can hear all the elements that comprise Citris.”

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Rock, DJs, and the Nineties: A Thursday @ H0L0 in Ridgewood, Queens

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