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“…a stance on our current political climate…filled with grunge rock and electronic riffs that will captivate listeners upon first listen…Citris creates lively melodies filled with fuzzed out guitars and a beat that will make the listener want to dance.”

“…velvet vocals juxtaposed with spine tingling hard rock instrumentals. The hypnotizing melodies fully encapsulate your mind and drive home the conflicting subconscious feeling of knowing things have to change, but not knowing where to start.”
The Hype Magazine

“…It’s a flash of joy when the rest of the day remains unsurprising; it’s that sort of spontaneity and uncertainty that Delusions of Glamour inspires.”
NYS Music


“…shimmering, defiant aesthetic. It’s mesmerizing.”

“It’s a hidden gem of a rock record, awash in distorted guitars and undulating harmonies.”

“…some of the most infectious power-pop riffs this side of an Elastica record. Smells like teen spirit…”
Blackbook Magazine

“Panic In Hampton Bays is about chaos in a calm, luxurious place. One could say, ‘Trouble in Paradise.’ The underlying theme of the album is how one can deal with anxiety and other mental disorders and the journey that is living life with the enemy that can be your own mind, at times. It can be a blessing and a curse.”
Ghettoblaster Magazine



More shows to be added soon.

Photos by Alex Joseph and Wil Adamy


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