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“…shimmering, defiant aesthetic. It’s mesmerizing.”

“It’s a hidden gem of a rock record, awash in distorted guitars and undulating harmonies.”

“…some of the most infectious power-pop riffs this side of an Elastica record. Smells like teen spirit…”
Blackbook Magazine

“Panic In Hampton Bays is about chaos in a calm, luxurious place. One could say, ‘Trouble in Paradise.’ The underlying theme of the album is how one can deal with anxiety and other mental disorders and the journey that is living life with the enemy that can be your own mind, at times. It can be a blessing and a curse.”
Ghettoblaster Magazine



More shows to be added soon.

About Citris


Eclectic melodic guitar entanglements, dissonant melodic vocal lines, unusual and unpredictable chord changes with catchy hooks and choruses is the definition of CITRIS’s alternative psychedelic glam pop grunge project. All songs comprised of Angelina Torreano on guitar and vocals with arrangements by musical partner, Chris Krasnow on lead guitar. Together they interpret what it means to be sour and sweet through sound.

Band members include: Angelina Torreano, Chris Krasnow, Gianluca Minucci (bass), Clint Mobley (drums)

Photos by Marco Giannavola


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Sarah Avrin
Girlie Action Media

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